What to farm for in Minecraft


What to farm for in Minecraft

Minecraft players have many different items they can farm. These items can be useful in large quantities, much like having lots and lots of diamonds. These items can be easier to farm than other types. It is much easier to farm wool than iron.

The following items can make a huge difference in farming, so let's see which ones to target.

5) Wool

You can either manually or automatically raise wool. It is easy to set up an automated wool farm and produce plenty of wool. It's not necessary to wait for the wool to grow back before shearing it.

Wool is an excellent item to keep in stock. You can use it to make beds and as a building block. It can also be traded by shepherd villagers for emeralds.

4) Kelp

Kelp can be used to fuel your engine, make food, or give you XP. It can be used by Minecraft players as an XP farm, where the dried kelp is used for drying more kelp. This is one of the most popular XP farms.

You can also use it to make food. There is an achievement that allows you to only eat kelp for three days. Dried kelp blocks can be used as solid fuel source for up to 4,000 ticks.

3) Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli, of all the resources, is the most straightforward to farm. Each ore can drop between 4 and 9 pieces, which is only beaten by Redstone. One ore can drop up 36 pieces with Fortune III. It is great for getting XP, and it's arguably more valuable than Redstone because it's used to enchant and as a dye.

2) Crops

Minecraft is extremely helpful for all crops. All crops can be traded with farmers at the most. They are primarily used for food. Glistening melons and golden carrots, baked potatoes, pumpkin pie, baked potatoes, and golden carrots are some of the best food options in the game.

They can be grown manually or automatically. The drops of each plant can also be increased by using a Fortune III pickaxe.

1) Sugar cane

Sugar cane is perhaps the most useful item you can farm in Minecraft. It is used in important crafting projects like books. It can also be used in cakes and pies which are great food sources.

Its best use is perhaps in trade. It is used by both cartographer villagers and librarians to trade for emeralds.