Ultra realistic ship animation in Minecraft ?!?


Ultra realistic ship animation in Minecraft ?!?

Minecraft allows its users to make their own worlds, textures and animations using the game's assets.

Reddit is an excellent place to share these creations and plenty of Minecraft servers even support competitions and events to do so. There are many subreddits, such as r/Minecraft or r/gaming that receive posts every day about the game. Players can make some amazing assets with the game's new tools and regular updates.

Redditor u/nrgmix recently posted a captivating video on the R/gaming subreddit. This video was the result of a Redditor's editing project. This project involved a Minecraft ship sailing across water. It was edited with CGI so that it looked realistic.

The vanilla game had always featured a blocky animation and texture, so the remastered animation was quite a treat.

Minecraft Redditor modifies water texture and game physics with CGI

Redditor Uploaded a five second clip of his animation on the r/gaming Subreddit. The clip shows a ship that has the same blocky texture as all the items, entities, and blocks in the game. It looks magnificent, with its white sails and brilliant design. The animation of the water is what really takes your breath away.

CGI water animated by redditor appears strikingly like real water. The ship moves over the water in small waves that can be seen by players. Water physics is what makes waves and splashes of water possible. This feature is often not replicated in vanilla or modded versions.

Many mods have been released recently that improve the water texture and physics. Water Physics Overhaul mod is one of these mods, and can be downloaded here. This mod adds real-life physics to the game's water. It allows it to do actions such as passing through blocks and flowing over blocks below a water source.

Reactions to Reddit post u/nrgmix

This post received over 18,000. Reddit Minecraft users have reacted with a torrent of praises. Redditor has clarified in comments that this is an ongoing project and that he has made substantial progress over the past few weeks.

Minecraft is well-known for its replayability, the dynamic playthrough of each world and seed, and the beauty of its worlds. However, it has a problem in the area graphical realism.

This is in keeping with the game's theme. However, many players attempt to improve the game's visuals by using tweaks such as mod, resource or animation packs.