Statue ideas for Minecraft


Statue ideas for Minecraft

Minecraft's core mechanic is building. Buildings can be used anywhere, no matter how small or large they are.

Statues in Minecraft are rare, but they can be impressively constructed. Statues can represent the creator, or be symbolic of something important to them. You can add statues to bigger builds, such as castles. This article will show you some of the best statue build ideas in Minecraft.

Five of the most popular Minecraft builds: Statues

5) Villager

This statue is very simple to build. The brown color of the logs and planks used by villager in forest and grassy biome villages is similar to that of wood planks. This statue can be built using blocks such as wool or sandstone, which are common resources. This statue can be built near a village to overlook its inhabitants.

4) Poseidon

This statue is inspired by Poseidon, the Greek God Of The Seas. To match the theme of water/sea, it can be made with prismarine or other blue-colored blocks. It also includes a trident that looks like Poseidon's trident. The build is fitting for Minecraft's main weapon, the tridents. Sea lanterns can also be used to brighten and beautify the build.

3) Diamond Pickaxe

The build is quite simple and involves building a diamond pickaxe. To make the handle look realistic, you can use different types or wooden planks. The pick can also be made with blue wool or concrete. Similar constructions can also be made for other weapons and tools, such as swords or axes.

2) Horse Arches

Two rearing horses face each other to create this grand statue. These arches can be used to access a castle, mansion or individual homes. These arches can be used to replace structures such as pillars or gargoyles and can add grandeur and elegance to the player's building.

1) Witch

This build is about building a Minecraft witch. You can make it with as few blocks as possible. Tinted glass and mossy cobblestone are enough to portray the magic emanating from the staff. It is easy to build a witch. All you need to do is cover certain angles. Tinted glass can be used to make the staff appear like bubbles in witch's magic.

Statues are one of the most unique builds in Minecraft. Statues are a testament to the creativity of their creators, but they also make it easy for players to enter and exit their main base.