Minecraft scam ??!?


Minecraft scam ??!?

There are plenty of scumbag Minecraft servers out there. But this one really takes the cake.

If you have heard it before, an NFT project makes a lot of money selling tokens. The money disappears, and the people involved in the project disappear. This leaves those who invested in it to be ruined. It's happened again, this one with Blockverse, an NFT project that is (unofficially!) connected to Minecraft.

According to PCGamer, Blockverse was launched last week. It is an "on-chain Ethereum NFT" that allows for a unique P2E experience on Minecraft. This basically means that Blockverse NFT holders can only access a private Minecraft server. Although selling server access is something that has been done for many years without NFTs it was still very much hyped. Blockverse was launched on January 23rd and sold approximately 10,000 NFTs. This sale took less than 10 minutes, while Blockverse earned an estimated $1.2million. The creators of Blockverse deleted their website, official Discord, and game server a few days later after they allegedly made all the money.

This led to many people calling the whole thing a fraud and asking for answers. After some days of silence, Blockverse took to Twitter to update the community on the situation. The devs offered an explanation and an apology.

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"Hey, all. We feel we owe everyone an explanation and an apology. Blockverse was meant to be a great idea, and we spent a lot of time and money on it before its launch. Everything was legal: the contract was validated, the game infrastructure was set up and launched smoothly, even with some bumps.

We immediately began work on Phase 2, which will be the next expansion of Blockverse, after the launch. During our development, we didn't realize or contain the FUD. There were many issues including high gas prices, inability to hold everyone simultaneously, and lack of utility for $DIAMONDS. Things spiraled out of control.

Blockverse explained that anger was growing in the community, and people started asking more questions about server problems, fees, etc. The team panicked. The team decided that deleting all the "harassment and threats" and "doxxing" was the best option and to just disappear into the night with more than a million dollars.

Blockchain's team stated in a long and rambling statement that "Unfortunately, there hasn't been a chance for open back up yet" "While we delivered everything we promised, we can understand why people might be dissatisfied with what has happened. We feel the obligation to keep our fully functioning game online."

Yes, I would feel an obligation keep my game online if it was sold to more than $1 million in content.

Blockverse's team claims that the plan was to return once everyone has calmed down. Many in the community were skeptical, so PC Gamer reported that many started a Discord server to try to find the people behind the project.

One representative from the separate server spoke with PC Gamer to explain that Blockverse buyers have "a little bit of a paper trace" about the developers behind the project. This includes a Coinbase address.

The user said that they thought they had escaped. "And now they realize we have the trail they left."

The Blockverse team stated that they were disappointed by the quick reaction of the community to false accusations. We still believe in our project and are currently in discussions with professionals in this space to determine how we might proceed. We plan to collaborate with trusted developers and community members to grant them access to our website, servers and all backend infrastructure to ensure that the project does not go offline. We are aware of the damage we have done, but this gesture towards community will help us to get back on track.

It seems like Blockverse's creators realized they could be in legal trouble and are now trying to get out of it all by giving the keys to the community. It was reported that the creators were open to giving the project over to the community but they still want all the money. This sums it all. I would be very surprised if any Minecraft server list is still willing to advertise these people.