Minecraft pocket edition seeds to remember


Minecraft pocket edition seeds to remember

Villages are one the most exciting parts of Minecraft. These villages can yield a lot of loot. Sometimes, they contain diamonds, armor, and even food. You can also trade with villagers to get many items.

These villages are often sought after for their proximity to the spawning point.

Gamers will try to locate seeds near villages in order to trade for plenty of loot and other supplies. All seeds are now universally available across Java Edition and Bedrock thanks to the 1.18 update.

Note that players can access Minecraft's Pocket Edition worlds using the seeds below.

Pocket Edition seeds to help Minecraft players find villages

5) Seed: 7583610616009964263

This seed is beautiful with both jagged peaks and plains biomes. Two villages are located just north of the spawn in a plains biome, which is nestled between jagged peaks.

The spawning point for players should be at 50, y or -50. You can find the villages at -150, you, -750.

4) Seed: 510815684

This seed has many benefits. There are many biomes within a short distance of 1,500 blocks. While this is great for many reasons, the best part is the village located right next to spawn.

This does not include the ruined portal, which is also close to spawn.

3) Seed: -2075440166

The seed shows a sprawling village with plenty of buildings and gardens. The seed would make a great seed for a village, but it has more to offer.

The village is also home to the Minecraft Pillager Outpost, which allows for repeated raids. You can find the village and outpost around -1000,y, -800.

2) Seed: 232053

Three villages are located near the spawn of this seed. To loot, players can visit each of the three villages and then head to the Pillager Outpost. Spawn coordinates for the villages are 50, 50, and 50.

You can also travel further (400 y,-150) to get a Minecraft Igloo with basement, and a fourth village (400 y. 150).

1) Seed: 92182

This is the best seed for building villages. The players will find two villages as soon as they spawn. These villages offer great loot as well as tons of villagers that you can trade with or breed.

Once that is done crafters can go over to the Woodland Mansion. This is often very difficult to find. Players who spawn at 50, 50, and 50 will discover that everything is within reach.