Custom fireworks in Minecraft


Custom fireworks in Minecraft

Endgame players will find fireworks to be one of the most valuable items in Minecraft. These items are used to fly with elytra. The thrust provided by fireworks propels players to the skies.

Crossbows are a great way to use fireworks. They can explode and cause damage to other entities. But, most fireworks are not used for their original purpose.

To create patterns in their firework rockets players can add firework stars. This article will show you how to add animations and designs on fireworks rockets.

Players will need to create firework stars in order to add animations. You can craft fireworks stars using gunpowder or dye. The type of dye used to make firework stars will determine the color. Minecraft allows players to use 16 different dyes to make fireworks.

These firework stars can be added to the crafting recipe for firework rockets to give them a color. Firework rockets come with a small animation by default. These default animations can be distracting. Developers have created some amazing explosion animations.

Players will need to add special ingredients to the firework star recipe to create different animations. You can create four explosive animations with the following Minecraft items:

Firework stars can be customized with multiple colors. To add more color, place a firework-star and the desired dye color in your crafting menu. Minecraft allows players to add up to eight dyes per firework star.

Players will need to make firework rockets with the firework stars they have made. Players will need to add firework stars to the recipe. You can create different patterns depending on what ingredients you use.